Monday, February 04, 2008

The Daddy Update

Triplet house, as I am now referring to our house and our life, has seen so much activity of late that Meva and I have really struggled to update the blog, let alone take photographs for everyone. The snow excursion of the other day was priceless fun. I wish we would have has better mittens for the kids, so that their hands would stay warmer longer, but I don't think any of them had a problem with that aspect of the excursion.

So aside from their first outing in the snow, there have been several other little milestones that they've unfortunately passed. The biggest one is they've outgrown their boundaries. What this means is; If I can move it, I will; if I can climb it, it will be climbed; If I can shove this bottle of milk behind the TV and hide it until it stinks, I will do that twice!; if I can reach something, it is now mine; and if daddy has told me no to any of the above, I will double my efforts to do it!!

What does that all mean? Lots of teamwork and lots of messes and broken items. Within the past two weeks they've rendered the supergate useless since they can move it at will, the stereo speakers are now toys to take off the covers and poke things that look like bubbles, we turn off the TV whenever we want to and then cry afterwards because we really wanted to still watch our show, if something is too heavy to move, we get Ryan. If something is too heavy for Ryan to move it, we work together and make loud noises. Most of those loud noises we make come from Daddy. We don't know what he's saying, but he seems pretty serious about it.

On the positive side, Perrin has been working with a physical therapist to help him in his walking, and it has shown some immediate and dramatic dividends. Within two sessions, he has been walking on his own for bursts of anywhere between 2 ft and 10+ ft. His PT was really impressed with him. We're currently in the process of trying to build up the strength in his leg muscles, so Perrin has cute little 1lb. ankle weights that he wears through out the day. In the few short days of doing this we can already see him moving his legs with more authority and standing better.
Slowly but surely the babies are starting to communicate in many different ways. Sarah continues to be the most talkative, but she's less than I think she should be. While Ryan can say things, I just don't think its in his personality to be that talkative. He has said yeah, banana, milk, mommy, dada, and he barks at Gus. Sarah says all of that and more, like shoes, crackers, "Is it good?", No, go away, and once I swear I heard her say "Barack The Vote on Super Tuesday." And Perrin, while he really doesn't say much other than to speak in tongues, he is out most consistent signer. He will tell you he wants to eat, wear a hat, have milk, and sign daddy. In fact all of the kids were signing daddy for me today, and Sarah is signing more, and crackers. It's pretty cool having bilingual kids. Hopefully soon we'll get some video or pictures of them in action, but it's hard to get them to sit still.

Enjoy these other treats from our snow day out. Click the picture to get a larger image that's easier to see:

All three babies taking a Snowball break.

Ryan & Sarah still playing with their snowballs

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Laura said...

I remember the triplet proofing days! I used to joke that my house was like a psych ward! Everything was bolted down! Just wait until they figure out how to pull up the floor vents!