Saturday, February 02, 2008

Winter Fun

This past week has been a weather-o-rama around here. It went from 52 degrees to -1 in a matter of about 2 hours, and left us with nearly a foot of snow. We packed up the babies and went on our first real snow adventure.

This is Sarah in her glam snow suit waiting to play in the park. She squealed with delight that we were going, and crawled around in the snow, played with these really cool balls that daddy fashioned right out of the snow, she was loving it the whole time, and kicked and cried in her car seat when we had to go.

Ryan took a little more convincing. He wasn't so sure about this outfit and all this white stuff, especially after he tripped in the snow and face planted in it. That stuff is cold.
He did like the balls too, and brought one for Perrin.

Perrin wasn't such a big fan of the snow. Part of that is that we couldn't find his snow boots, so we had him wear his insulated Pooh slippers with double socks. He had difficulty maneuvering and got frustrated, so he spent most of the time in the sled or mommy's lap.

Here's some videos of the fun....

Babies on a tobaggan...

Sarah Snow Queen (she did this for 30+ minutes)...

Ryan at 19 months old and you'd still better not cross him...

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