Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Notes from Home.

Mondays are hard for me as I am away at work
typically 13
hours that day... after the full
immersion treatment on the
weekend. Chuck is
sweet enough to send me e-mails to update
me on
how things are at home. Yesterday's made me laugh
so I am posting it here for y'all......


I'm ready to rip my hair out of my head! Perrin
is fine, he is into everything today, I'm not
exaggerating when I say that if I take my eyes off
of him he is immediately into stuff he shouldn't
be-your desk, my desk, the phone, the garbage, the
chair side table, both our desks again, tipping over
your chair, taking toys from the other two, tipping
over my chair, back to your desk, etc.. I am quite
sure he is feeling up to par. His puke-o-meter isn't
up---two isolated, food(and stupid parent) related
incidents. Besides, when he's throwing up and it's
related to Hydro, his puke isn't usually curdled
like it was today, it's just a sign that he didn't
handle breakfast well-----it could be the addition
of the Zinc in it.

Ryan has been the biggest crybaby today. He's
getting pissed off at almost every toy, crying
almost hysterically because it won't work the way
he wants it to---even when holding one little lego
block!! What the hell he wanted one to do, I can't
say, but he just breaks down and cries. His ears look
fine, no fever or anything, just a kid that needs
to nap for about 29734682736 hours is all.

Baby girl has been UP and DOWN. By that I mean
that's all she's saying today. Back and forth with
me in her cute little sing-song voice--Up Down,Up
Down, Up Down!! She started that this morning while
playing with that Doorway the Shively's got them.
Very cool and very cute.

Today's mess is worse than yesterdays! My God I am
going to die.

We can talk septic when you get home, it would be
wordy to talk about it here and there isn't really
much to tell.

Please come home.


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Anonymous said...


You have got to put that in one of the baby books, this is classic!! Myself and all the girls at the office laughed for about 2 hours over this.......