Monday, July 28, 2008


It has been a while since we last posted. Perrin came home last Monday. We were really just so happy to have him here, blogging took a back seat. He was let home a little early as he was suppossed to get an MRI before discharge, but because that meant just sitting in the hospital for a few more days, we asked the doctor if he could just come home and we would come back for the MRI as an outpatient. So we were all thrilled to have him come home earlier than expected. When he saw the van pull up at the hospital, he was so excited. After arriving at home, Ryan and Sarah ran up and hugged him. He was still a little sore at first, crawling more than walking, but he's pretty much back to normal now, and it's a nice feeling.

This video is actually from the week before Perrin's surgery, but it captures a lot of what they do these days. I'll update more soon.

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