Saturday, July 19, 2008

Perrin Update

It is amazing to me how well Chuck can function and write despite sheer exhaustion. I am not gifted in this way. Chuck is spending the night in the hospital tonight with Perrin, and has stressed how important it is to him that I update the blog today. So bear with me that this is short and sweet, as I have already turned into a pumpkin today.

Perrin is doing amazingly well. His pain seems to be much less, and as a result he is more mobile. We were able to hold him for the first time since the surgery today. He had been crawling around in his crib, and giving his Perrin bursts of joy jibberish today, so we were thrilled to see him doing so much better. He still is very leary of any nurse or doctor who walks in the room, and shoots them this look that says, "I'm watching you. You cannot be trusted." The staff I have come across have been nothing short of wonderful. They even gave Perrin's baby an IV.

He is now out of the Pediatric ICU (PICU) and in a regular room, off all wires and tubes except his IV which isn't hooked up anymore. This move is good in so many ways. There is a phone in the room, rather than having to leave the room and scared child to go a considerable distance to talk to anyone. There is a fridge in the new room, which is also nice as the PICU has a no eating in the room policy. There is a reclining chair and second bed in the room, as opposed to the chair with a leg lift in the PICU, and a great improvement over the tile floor I slept on last night. And Perrin, as you saw from the last post is our escape artist, so imagine how he feels with a pulse ox on his toe, blood pressure cuff on his leg, three leads for cardiac and respiratory monitoring, an IV with tubing, and hospital gown with multiple ties to work with. I think he is thrilled to be untethered in multiple ways now. Though you can see in the picture below with the little tear in his eye, he is ready to go home - despite him doing so well, he cannot be released until the MRI is read, and he won't be getting his MRI 'till sometime Monday.


Jason Myers said...

Just wanted to say hello! We too have triplets, one of which has Hydrocephalus.

Michelle said...

hello! i am a friend of colleen and erin (michelle) and wanted to let you know that i'll keep your son in my thoughts! looks like he's keeping busy in his crib! i hope he recovers and comes home fast. awesome blog!!!